Monday, October 30, 2017

videos from the terrible crystal

promo videos from the 'Terrible Crystal' release. All videos compiled by Vince Clarke, except 'Melancholy Lasts' by Nicole Antebi

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


1 Hymn For The Broken, Swollen And Silent by Gnaw Their Tongues
2 Pain Killer by Hide
3 The Grand Delusionalby Liars
4 Under My Skin by Black Needle Noise with Tara Busch
5 Daemon by Kastle
6 Fallen Through by Chuter
7 Laady X by SAOCOM
8 Snesrotek by Syrette
9 Betablockers by Alka
10 The People's Pyramid by monomorte
11 Isolated by Trevor Something
12 New World Order Fatcats Playing Populous For Kicks by C/A/T
13 Never See Eye To Eye Again (ft Sleepless Droids) by Lucidstatic
14 'Til Then (feat. Edward Ka-Spel) by kETvECTOR
15 Underneath Your Skin by Pleasure Symbols
16 The Furnace by Martial Canterel
17 Ration by Textbeak feat. Heretek & Adam Rodgers
18 Just Be You by Jules Cohen
19 Dolphin Dream by Larry Heard
20 Afric by The Maghreban
21 D7-D5 by Blanck Mass
22 Spoken Ashes by Phase Fatale
23 Les Meandres De Samara Part I-II by Rubbish TC
24 Today I'm Dead by The Force Dimension
25 Diabolical Gesture (Marcel Dettmann Edit) by A Thunder Orchestra
26 Uganda Futura 1 by Decent International
27 Transformation by Katran
28 Waiting For Another by Niki Istrefi
29 Inkjet by Beatrice Dillon and Call Super
30 Common Soundproofing Myths by Karen Gwyer
31 Lamborghini (Petrol April 1982) by Severed Heads
32 Country Girl by Boy Harsher
33 See Your Door by Circa Tapes
34 Drought by Hex Wolves
35 Struggle by Years Of Denial
36 Deception (Head for a Fix Remix by Evestus) by Lucidstatic

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monster Movie - alka remix - Graveface Records

Graveface Records has announced that after 2 years of work Monster Movie's "Transistor" Expanded is now up for pre-order on limited edition colored vinyl LP in a screen-printed foldover with a letterpress insert and/or digital download:

Side A is a brand new remaster of the original EP and Side B features covers and remixes of Transistor by The Stargazer Lilies, New Fumes, Camera Shy, all in the golden afternoon and Alka.

Excited to have the opportunity to take part in this release with a remix for "dream pop" specialists, Monster Movie which is of course comprised of Sean Hewson and Christian Savill (also of Slowdive). Their pastoral track Left has always been a favorite of mine and it was kind of them to allow me free reign with the original isolated tracks. I coincidentally had Halsey Shelton's (Primitive Finks/Full Blown Cherry) Moog MG-1 that I had just repaired sitting in my studio so I experimented dropping it into the mix... things went a little strange after that... but you'll need to order the record to hear that.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Thee Colour of Terrible Crystal

Our new album is released onto the unwitting world on this day, Friday the 13th in the Gregorian calendar cycle of 2017 years. Featuring loads of analog and digital synthesizers, additional programming from thee Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure), ethereal vocals, and a spectral array of emotions.

“… and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel. They move through the firmament which is the colour of a ‘terrible crystal’, and around a throne like sapphire, on which sits Metatron, suffused in the radiance of the rainbow.” - Peter Lamborn Wilson, Angels (1980)/Ezekiel's Vision.

Preview snippets of the entire album:

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