Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a peta2 benefit


The long awaited full length remix of Alka's last album "A Dog Lost In The Woods" hits the streets digitally today May 17th 2011. Eleven established indie electronic artists (some you probably know) have come together to remix Alka's last full length, and the best part is this release is a benefit for PETA2 (the world's largest animal rights group). All proceeds from this album will be donated to PETA2.

Remixes by Ruxpin, At Work, Axiotronic, City Rain, Idhren, Mick Chillage, Specta Ciera, Gate Zero, Drexon Field, Zoon van snooK, Kieron James, and more. Click the above image and play the album all the way through from the EE records site. Then support a great cause by picking up a copy from your favorite online retailer like iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, and more!

Monday, May 9, 2011

your next Phantasmagoria

Victorian optical devices :: Phantascopes, Photo-Rotoscopes, Kinetographs, etc.

last image in this set is the Victorian multimedia artist Émile Reynaud live at Theatre Optique circa 1890

for further detail on the Who's Who of Victorian Cinema and for information on the machines shown above visit:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worm is Green :: GLOW

Worm Is Green / Glow

artist: Worm Is Green
title: Glow
catalog no.: KLK-2007
release date: 2011.05.04
price: ¥ 1,680

1. Hopeful 
2. The Politician 
3. March On ! 
4. The Darkness 
5. Around The Fire 
6. Sunday Session 5.0 
7. Glow 
8. Electric Eyes 
9. The Hit 
10. There is a Pattern 
(bonus tracks) 
11. Hopeful (Ruxpin Remix) 
12. The Politician (Bitcrush Remix) 
13. March On ! (Roger O’Donnell Remix) 
14. The Darkness (Alka Remix)