Monday, August 13, 2012

Tracey Moberly’s TWEET-ME-UP! – Tate Modern :: Aug 24

Tate Modern

Tracey Moberly kindly invited Evan Wilder to help get artists involved for her show involving mass participation, TWEET-ME-UP! at Undercurrent: Young People’s Festival at Tate Modern’s The Tanks: Art In Action. London.

Cloud People contributed 2 new installments in the Wild & Shit series: #17 PLUR & #19 Whistlin’ Wild.

At Work supplied the new video to “Indiscernible Structures”—a song from the latest album, A Very Slow Collapse.
Tate Modern The Tanks Tracey Moberly Tweet Me Up
Photo: Tate Modern

The show is one day only, August 24, and runs from 11am till 5pm at Tate Modern’s new space, The Tanks.

Tracey Moberly Text-Me-Up!

Tracey Moberly’s latest book, TEXT-ME-UP!
published by Beautiful Books.

Also participating: Alka, Drexciyan DJ Stingray, The Multi-Purpose Solution, Phil Ritz, Jason Carr, Maya Moksha, Dev79, Chris Moss Acid, Reggie Watts, Marie A. Roberts, David Liebe Hart, C Sides, Helium Ointment, and Calla Donofrio amongst many others.

Tracey Moberly’s official site
TWEET-ME-UP! at The Tanks, Tate Modern

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