Friday, September 23, 2011

Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music

alka featured in Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music by Scott Morrow | new book from ALARM Press

At nearly 400 pages of full-color artwork and editorial, Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music is a dynamic print presentation of independent musicians and artists who are using or exploring color in unorthodox ways. It’s a highly saturated, prismatic presentation of some of today’s most adventurous underground artists, including Sonny Kay, Seripop, John Zorn, Daft Punk, Sigur Rós front-man Jónsi, Blue Man Group,The Zhou Brothers, Ratatat, Holy Fuck, Damon Locks of The Eternals, Rob Mazurek, NewVillager, Andy Gilmore, and many others.

Over the course of Chromatic's 12 chapters, readers are introduced to:
- Performers who saturate their stage shows in vibrant shades
- Musicians who create concept albums based on color
- Kaleidoscopic, polychromatic cover art
- Composers and other famous musicians who experience musical synesthesia, the involuntary intersection of senses where someone might “see” notes as different colors or shapes
- Special guest editors and featured artists who share their inspirations
- The concept of audible color
- Wild illustrations of musical notes translated into hues to create elaborate geometric works of art
- Bands photographed in their favorite hues

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